How do you hyphen?

The Associated Press Stylebook – 2013

“Hyphens are joiners. Use them to avoid ambiguity or to form a single idea from two or more words. Use of the hyphen is far from from standardized. It is optional in most cases, a matter of taste, judgement and style sense.”

“A bluish-green dress.”

“The dress, a bluish green, was attractive on her.”


In my case, the confusion stems from a horse named Sugar Bars.

There are Sugar Bars-bred horses

and horses that are sixth generation Sugar Bars bred.


My argument is for the case of consistency. These two examples are only separated by one sentence. And it looks sloppy to have one with hyphen, one without.

But that is only my ignorant opinion.


How do other people handle this goofy little mid-word dash?

How you YOU hyphen?