I didn’t mean to wake you
from the darkness of early hours.
I thought of you out on the road,
watching the bloom of bright sky flowers.
I hope your dreams were warm,
pleasant, safe and wise.
I missed you as I headed east,
chasing the sunrise.




Morning Mantis


            I woke up this morning to find a praying mantis on the inside of my window screen. (S)he was as long as my pinky finger. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before, here, where I live now.

            At first, I was a little bit unnerved. It’s a large insect for this part of the world. But then, (S)he was so still. I could have stayed to watch the mantis all morning…

            My next thought was, maybe I should transfer the mantis outside. This thought was followed by a question of luck. Does it affect the day’s energy to bother a praying mantis?


            I proceeded to get ready for my day and returned to the window, where the insect still sat, stock-still. I picked up a dry water glass from the bedside table and tried to capture the mantis, gently. When that didn’t work, I grabbed a tissue to nudge the mantis into the glass.
            (S)he stepped, one foot at a time, tenderly onto the tissue. Unlike capturing other insects, the movements seemed incredibly deliberate.
            I went outside and brushed the tissue lightly against a flowering plant on my front porch and the mantis, again, stepped slowly, with deliberate steps, onto the plant.

            I watched the insect for a little longer as (S)he sat motionless on the plant, before I went back inside to rush through the rest of my morning routine.


“The praying mantis always comes to us when we are internally craving peace, quiet, and calm in our lives.”

“The praying mantis meaning has a variety of traits: temperance, quietness, awareness, calmness, clairvoyance, patience, mindfulness and innovation.”

♦ According to sunsigns.org ♦


Hopefully, the mantis is a sign of peace and mindfulness for my day.
May your day, also, be calm and insightful.

And (please excuse my anthropomorphism), I hope that the mantis was satisfied with his/her location transfer this morning.


Morning Magic

sunset~ ~ This is a sunset – Because I’m a night owl… and not so much good at mornings.
Maybe I will catch a sunrise when the days get shorter, as winter rolls in. ~~



Occasionally, I envy the morning people,

            With their breakfasts and cups of coffee on the patio,

            Waking up with the sun.


I got up and cooked my own breakfast this morning!

            (Usually, I grab something out of the freezer

              to cook in the microwave and eat at my desk).

A warm, soft tortilla,

Melted cheddar cheese,

Sausage crumbles,

My secret mix of spices – stolen from an internet recipe.

            (I guess it’s not so secret,

              but I’m not including it here).

And an egg – fried, with a solid yellow middle – but not too solid of course.


Then I had to hurry up,

Pour my coffee in a to-go mug,

And wrap my delicious breakfast in foil to get to work on (almost) time…