I am indecisive

not because I am apathetic

but because I want to be a part of it ALL.


I am lucky
I have seen many corners of the world
And I’ve met many different kinds of people


Life is an adventure – every day!



I found this quote on wordpress site Vintage 1956 and i had to steal it –

 I think it’s fairly common for writers to be afflicted with two simultaneous yet contradictory delusions – the burning certainty that we’re unique geniuses and the constant fear that we are witless frauds who are speeding toward epic failure.

Scott Lynch


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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Natasha;
    Today, I visited your blog, first of all congratulation for creating this wonderful blog, still, I have not gone it through but since going through your “About” page, it is simply enjoyable experience to visit it..
    We do have a many common passion and I think we can become best blogging friends, if interested please feel free to visit my blog, read my some of the posts and if you feel I am worth of your friendship without any hesitation comment on my most recent post and that will be the beginning of best blogging friendship, remember, everything is optional.
    Wishing you all the best……………………………..


  2. It is nice to have options, but one can be prone to dilly-dally about making choices; or, after having made a choice live in a land of “I wonder if I should have…? I see that we are classmates in writing201 so I am going to locate your “follow” button and spend some time on the voyage with you. Thanks for leaving the like on my “Grandma Better Not be Thin-skinned.”

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