bannerPhoto – Punta Cana, December 27, 2015


In a stroke of incredible luck, I got a two-day beach vacation!
The best part — being surrounded by people that were there to have fun.
Smiles! Positive Attitudes! Goofing off!

It was a not-so-subtle reminder that my mood has been sliding a slippery slope – down, down, down….
I think some of that has been absorbed from some of the people around me.
Some of that is my own head-game.
Some of it is expectations that I have for myself and a (possibly?) unreasonable lack of patience for “achieving” greater goals…

But, in a beautiful New Year cliché, I’m going to do my best to hold on to the sunshine… both internally – my own mood, and externally – expressing gratitude and openness.

It’s amazing what a smile and a “hello” can do!


Here’s to the beach! Here’s to the sun! Here’s to waking up and thinking, this day is the one!
Here’s to a rum drink and here’s to dancing on the roof! Here’s to believing in tomorrow, even without proof!
Here’s to a good morning! Here’s to a good week! Here is to the new year and reaching the next peak!




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