Blood Orange


My sweet, spoiled fur child hates being left out of adventures and he doesn’t like feeling trapped… so waiting in the car alone is basically torture. One look at his sad eyes and floppy ears… you’ll be tempted to take him with you into the store. But, I had some shopping to do in a store that he would likely be kicked out of right away, so I couldn’t take him in. Other than a serious pout-fest… it doesn’t actually do him any harm to sit in the car (on a cool day, with blankets on the back seat).


When I finally got myself out of the store and back to the car, I could see the black and white fur of my dog streaked with an orange-red color, from his eye down to his chin. I couldn’t yet see below his neck, but there was enough blood streaked over his face to give me a minor heart attack. What kind of trouble had my puppy gotten himself into within the confines of my car?!


Trying not to panic, I opened the back to store my bags before going up front to survey the damage.


There, on the passenger seat, were two munched-on flower petals. I might have given the silly fur kid a good scolding… except I was too relieved to discover his face was not, after all, covered in blood. His face was decorated with flower pollen, from a lily that had apparently tasted awful, seeing as how it was now staining the upholstery on the seat.


The treat I had given him before going into the store (did I mention he’s a sweet but spoiled fur child?) was untouched. He ate that as soon as I stuck the key in the ignition and started the engine, a sign that I was not leaving him alone any longer.


At home, I let my dog out into the yard and carried the flowers inside. The next morning, I noticed a that one of the blooms had been knocked loose. There it was, placed like a painting, frozen, on top of the snow.






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