Lil’ angels

My dog thinks he is speedy fast as he runs the length of the yard
The neighborhood kids like to race him and they run just as hard
I have had to scold my puppy when he jumps up baring his jaw
He thinks he is just playing but I see accidents and the law
I watch the kids from my window as they tease my handsome pet
And secretly laugh at how the silly dog teases the kids back yet
The kids have also been warned about racing the fenced in beast
But everyone has such a good time, it’s hard to tell them to cease
If things get a little too wild, I take myself outside
And tell my dog he has to quit and come stand by my side
Lo and behold, there I was, out on the grass one day
The neighborhood kids came down the block, clearly looking to play
I expected excitement, running and creatures on the move
But the kids ignored my dog and he pretended to act aloof
Clearly the kids and dog had all seen me and that was surely a sign
For everyone to pretend they were well behaved all the time



This poem is part of the WordPress “Writing 201” Blogging U.
(Day 7) Today’s topic, form and device are: Neighborhood, Ballad and Assonance



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