Morning Magic

sunset~ ~ This is a sunset – Because I’m a night owl… and not so much good at mornings.
Maybe I will catch a sunrise when the days get shorter, as winter rolls in. ~~



Occasionally, I envy the morning people,

            With their breakfasts and cups of coffee on the patio,

            Waking up with the sun.


I got up and cooked my own breakfast this morning!

            (Usually, I grab something out of the freezer

              to cook in the microwave and eat at my desk).

A warm, soft tortilla,

Melted cheddar cheese,

Sausage crumbles,

My secret mix of spices – stolen from an internet recipe.

            (I guess it’s not so secret,

              but I’m not including it here).

And an egg – fried, with a solid yellow middle – but not too solid of course.


Then I had to hurry up,

Pour my coffee in a to-go mug,

And wrap my delicious breakfast in foil to get to work on (almost) time…




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