This is your soapbox.

          I can respect it – sitting uneven on the curb

                                     under the streetlight

                                      as the sun comes up on a warm, mild day.


In fact,

      if you stepped down and the box was


                                                              on the corner


with no one to cry out –

Oh! The Injustice!


I would protect the box

                                until you came back to claim it


                                until someone with renewed energy

                                found the empty box to stand on


and cry out

              to all of the passer-by.


I would pause,

                       and maybe smile up at her –

                        if she caught my eye.


Then I would pick up my feet

                                          and move on.


It isn’t my soapbox.


I know you want to make room for me.

                                  You want me to stand on my


                                                                       to share the box


on the curb

            under the streetlight

            in the bright sunlight of a warm, mild day.


But you don’t see the other things that I have

                                                                                        to stand for.


You think

         I am one of “those people,”

                                          you think

                                                  I “belong.”



Yes. I will smile up at you

                                if you catch my eye.

I will make sure

                   your soapbox has a place

                                                 on the curb

                                                 under the streetlight

                                                 as the sun is setting on the warm, mild day


and I will go on

                     my way

                            down the cooling asphalt

                                                      alone through the shadows – as the sunlight begins to fade.




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