Find a Farmer

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Americans, on average, are 4 generations removed from agriculture.

We are concerned about where our food comes from and how it is raised or grown.

We want a healthy environment, healthy families and healthy food stock.

Many corporate companies are supplied and supported by family farm/ranch operations.

Conventional methods are often designed around practices that have developed over generations of animal husbandry and care.

Farmers and ranchers work hard to maintain sustainable operations, to pass to their children and children’s children.

Natural, organic and local food movements are based in improving food production…

But it is also about reconnecting to our nourishment.


How do we CONNECT the conversation?

How do those far removed from agriculture talk with those who revolve their lives around it?


How do we all learn and share

what practices are used in sourcing our food,

but more importantly,

WHY those methods are used?



*From commonalities in separate conversation amongst cattlewomen, university academics, and young farmers and ranchers.*


2 thoughts on “Find a Farmer

    • Unfortunately, I am grow – challenged.
      I have a dragon tree that can be abandoned for months at a time and I think I am about to lose my mint plant (which google says should be taking over, not nearly-dead).
      But, my recent work has introduced me to some really great people!
      Brad Holliday runs a greenhouse in northern Wyoming. Here is the address for his webpage:
      And here is another interesting link (a 27min PBS Wyoming documentary):


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