first day eve

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What do you wear to an important annual meeting at work,
that also happens to be the your first day on the job?
First impressions.
Though they do not tell the whole story, clothes do speak.
Last saturday night. Karaoke at the bar. In walks a woman with bottle-colored hair, purple-hued, red. Black baggy pants with silver loops and chains. Punk swagger.
Compassion in her smile.
Also quite possibly high. Drunk, if not drug, lines in her face                                   (who am i to assume)?
She takes the microphone
and with magic talent sings
Black Velvet
her voice creating tangible softness in “black velvet if you please.”
A first impression says one thing.
All of our other colors, eventually, will shine. Will glow.
Maybe it doesn’t matter how I first present,
but I still can’t decide what to wear.




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