Welcome to my little bubble of the internet!

Today, I am starting a blog!
Um, a what? And WHY?
I’m not sure WHAT yet… but two events have led to the WHY.
  1. Two friends and a Country Club Lunch.
  2. The 2014 Equality State Book Festival, hosted in Casper, Wyoming.
I’ve never been to a country club that looks like a classic movie setting… in Wyoming, they let you wear jeans. At any rate, one friend of mine is a member, and she took two of us to lunch, to send our friend off to the West Coast.
I was told that I should start a blog.
“To write about what?”
Their answer:     “Whatever interests you!”
That, my friends, means that this here page might wind up being all over the place.

I get excited about all kinds of things!

Speaking of which, the Equality State Book Festival. It’s over, for this year, but here is the website, so you can check it out, and attend the next one!

A few days with some incredible people, and

POOF!                      Instant Inspiration!            Yay!

I know there were many amazing talents that I did not get to see, but let me tell you about some of the great people I did get to meet:
Jon Harrrison
I’m going to go with his pen name here, because that is how you are going to find his new book. He read us an excerpt, and I can’t wait to read the rest!
I am currently standing in a high school parking lot, with a bunch of distance runners… actually, it has dwindled down to two runners and their coach, loading up a cooler full of water bottles into a car, and there is something about the new girl that is intriguing us all. She is about to open her mouth, to ask a question, and reveal a spark of who she might be… when…. time runs out, the author closes his book, and thanks us all for coming.
The Banks of Certain Rivers, by Jon Harrison comes out September 23rd.
Stella Soto
I actually worked with Stella for a short time… we knew we knew each other, but it took a little bit of time to figure it out. She remembered! Coffee!
Anyway, another incredible writer. Referencing the Good Times chain, “She’s gonna be big.”
Meg Pokrass
Internet Era Fairy Tale right here, people. This woman has been published all over the place, thanks to our digital age and social media.
“How did you do it?” we asked
“Easy!” she says. “I didn’t know anything about computers, seven years ago, but I got myself a Facebook page, connected to a few other editors and writers, and before I knew it, people were asking me for my writing, for their publications.”
Leslie McGrath
This poet trapped me in the beginning of her novella, that isn’t published yet. I am going to find myself staring off into space, in the middle of the day, wondering about the daughter of her “seven sisters,” while I wait, impatiently, for the rest of the story to get done.
Matt Daley
In the middle of Casper, Wyoming, there is an independent coffee house called Metro, that won’t sell their bagels and cream cheese in the afternoon. But, they do house the occasional Poetry Slam, such as the most recent one, hosted by the Book Festival.
A surprising amount of talent shows up.
Especially, when one of the slammers is Matt Daley.
Powerful Poetry. No Kidding.
Ken Waldman
Mandolin? Excellent. Fiddle? Incredible. Poetry? Fantastic!
I’m not making this up just to use extra-positive adjectives.
Listen!   http://www.kenwaldman.com/audio
Deborah Poe
Oh, you know… just another author who read some of her fiction for us, making my reading wish-list even longer….
Don’t worry about me. I’m just hanging out here, on the edge of my seat, thinking about an unsolved murder in Texas…

And I met all these amazing people too:

Michael Shay  http://hummingbirdminds.blogspot.com
Laurie Lye
David Romtvedt
George Vlastos
and…. I know I’m forgetting some names.
But this is my point! There are all of these really wonderful writers out there, and I was lucky enough to meet some of them!!
As they say… you can’t call yourself a writer, unless you actually WRITE.
So NOW… my blogging experiment begins! Can I hold myself accountable through a page that needs updating, and do more than gape at other’s work?
Stay posted… we are about to see!!!

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